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DID YOU KNOW THAT… as of 1 January quarantine is no longer classified as an illness?

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03 Feb 2022

With message no. 4027 of 18 November 2021, INPS published on its institutional website the following 19 November a clarification stating that the decree law no. 146 of 21 October 2021, fiscally linked to the 2022 Budget law, changed the regulations on protections envisaged during the Covid-19 healthcare emergency, inter alia, for quarantined workers. The legislation states that: classifying as an illness the period of time that a private sector worker passes in quarantine with active-monitoring or voluntary homestay with active monitoring is granted until “31 December 2021based on a specific allocation. To date such classification has not been refinanced for 2022. This means that starting from 1 January 2022, unless there are any and future provisions, private sector workers who cannot perform their jobs using an agile procedure (because such procedure would be incompatible with the expected employment characteristics) and are forced to comply with a period of quarantine due to close contact with a confirmed Covid case would not have the right to compensation paid by INPS. The same INPS in its message explained that “benefits will continue to be granted to private worker jobs entitled to sick leave benefits, according to the normal procedures, even for events occurring in 2021, in chronological order, as required by law”.

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