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DID YOU KNOW THAT… Covid-19 quarantined workers are not granted social security protection?

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31 Aug 2021

INPS (the Italian Social Security Institution), with its message no. 2842 of 6 August 2021, provides guidelines on the absence of private-sector workers for Covid quarantine with active monitoring or voluntary homestay with active monitoring or for precautionary quarantine, ordered by the public health operator. So far, INPS has treated quarantine in the same way as illness and has recognised the corresponding allowance. The Institute clarified that it had received instructions regarding the validity of the certifications attesting to the quarantine with voluntary homestay drawn up by the GP for 2020 social security allowance purposes, even in cases where it has not been possible to find any evidence of the measure issued by the public health operator. Local departments have started the necessary activities to legalise the relevant certificates based on the assessments carried out by their medical-legal offices. These certificates were previously suspended due to the measure’s shortcomings. At the same time, INPS specified that “the legislator has not provided special funding for quarantine for 2021.” The Institute stated that it would not be possible to provide social security protection (indemnity and related notional credit) for the current year. INPS recalled that it would recover any unduly paid sickness benefits and the consequent updating of social security statements of the workers concerned. Recently, the Minister of Labour has declared that “there are the conditions to use the resources set aside by other parties” to equate the Covid quarantine with sickness, assuring that he would talk about it at the next Council of Ministers.

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