Businesses and privacy, the keys to good management (Affari & Finanza of La Repubblica, 17 June 2024 – Vittorio De Luca)

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17 Jun 2024

Data has become the new oil and its role is likely to grow further as digital becomes more central to our lives. This has important implications for privacy, as Vittorio De Luca, founder of the law firm De Luca & Partners, points out. “the EU legislator has intervened significantly in this area over the last few years. However, at corporate level the position is divided into companies that have implemented and structured real internal compliance models and over time have managed to change the culture and sensitivity of all those who make up the organisation, while others continue to consider data protection as a company cost rather than an investment”, he points out.

Personal data protection legislation and employment law are now closely linked, not only with regard to the processing of human resources data. “Increasingly, we are assisting companies in how to correctly manage requests for access to documents and personal files that are – legitimately – submitted by employees as part of disciplinary proceedings against them”, he points out. “In addition to the consequences on the employment law front, a data subject (in this case, the worker) has always the right to make a report to the Italian Data Protection Authority”, explains Mr De Luca.

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