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Inps: operating instructions on Green Pass online verification for companies with more than 50 employees

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03 Nov 2021

With its message no. 3589 of 21 October 2021, INPS provided clarifications on the use of its institutional portal “Greeenpass50+” for the massive control of the Covid-19 Green Certificate, “Green Pass“), by private and public employers with more than 50 employees who are not NoiPa members.

The service provided by INPS – which obtains the information by directly querying the DGC National Platform – (PN-DGC) – allows the asynchronous verification of the Green Pass referred to the list of tax codes of its employees, known to the Institute at the time of the request.

The service can be used by interested companies after having been accredited by the Institute following the website procedure (accessible in the companies and consultants’ service section) by providing the tax codes of the checkers, i.e. those authorised to check the workers’ Green Pass, who will then be enabled.

The service includes three distinct phases:

  • Accreditation phase for the Green Pass verification service by providing the checkers’ names;
  • Processing phase, in which INPS accesses the DGC National Platform to retrieve the information on the possession of the Green Pass by the employees of the companies that have joined the service;
  • Verification phase, in which the checkers will access the service to confirm the possession of the Green Pass by the employees of the accredited companies, after selecting the names of those who will be subject to checking.

Through this system, INPS will daily use Uniemens flows to identify the employees of accredited companies and check their possession of the Green Pass, while checkers can daily view all the company employees, checking the Green Pass only for those who are working.

The response will be a list of the names provided and the verification outcome, expressed by a red cross or a green tick.

If the system specifies that the worker does not have a valid Green Pass, they have the right to request that their certificate is checked when accessing the workplace using the Verifica C19 application.

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