Webinar: “Non-competition agreement: scope and limits” (Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Spain, 9 March 2022 – Enrico De Luca, Luca Cairoli)

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28 Feb 2022

Ever-increasing market competitiveness makes entrepreneurs increasingly interested in protecting themselves against the possible dissemination of company knowledge (data, working processes, company notions, confidential customer names) acquired by their employees during their employment to competing companies. The non-competition agreement, as governed by Art. 2125 of the Civil Code, is one of the tools available to companies to protect this interest following the employment relationship termination. However, the agreement validity is subject to precise rules and limits that are only partly defined by Law. The Webinar highlights the critical issues and opportunities of the competition limiting clause during employment relationships, providing participants with valuable guidelines for its correct practical application.

Date : 9 March 2022
Time 10 – 11 am


Adv. Enrico De Luca
– Partner – De Luca & Partners 

Adv. Luca Cairoli – Associate – De Luca & Partners

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