“Italian Employment and Labour Law” – Diritto del lavoro da esportazione (Businesscommunity.it, 20 April 2022, De Luca & Partners)

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20 Apr 2022

An operating and practical guide in English which is an easy-to-consult tool for professionals and operators who interact with the Italian legal system.

The labour law theme helps establish cooperation between foreign companies wanting to move to Italy. With a greater knowledge, these companies can overcome some existing national economic system limits.
The new handbook Italian Employment and Labour Law, is edited by Vittorio De Luca, Managing Partner of De Luca & Partners, published by Wolters Kluwer, with the contribution of numerous colleagues from the Firm, including Elena Cannone, Roberta Padula, Raffaele Di Vuolo, Debhora Scarano, Luca Cairoli and Martina De Angeli.

This is an original and valuable operating guide for companies, professionals and international investors who need to know and must apply the Italian legal system’s rules in the labour law field.
De Luca said: “The Italian labour law scenario has changed in the last few years by several reforms that have made Italy one of the most competitive western countries.”
The handbook was designed as an operating and practical guide, which would be an easy-to-consult daily working tool for professionals and operators who interact with the Italian legal system.
The handbook is in English and “guides” those unfamiliar with our legal system through an explanation of the different forms of contracts, trade union relations and labour laws, framework and principles on which labour law is structured.

De Luca added: “ I wouldn’t mind if our publication played down the clichés that accompany labour law which often has a reputation it does not deserve. The reforms of the last two decades have made our legal system competitive with the major Western economies.”

Continue here to read Vittorio De Luca’s interview published on Businesscommunity.it.

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