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For proper whistleblowing management, it is essential to pay due attention to the protection of the personal data processed. In achieving the necessary balance between the whistleblower’s need for confidentiality, the need to ascertain the wrongdoing and the whistleblower’s right to defence and cross-examination, the adoption of appropriate measures to ensure the protection and security ....

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In the last few days, Italian online services and sites, including the websites of the Senate and the Ministry of Defence, have suffered a cyber-attack from a group of Russian cybercriminals. Vittorio De Luca, from Studio De Luca & Partners said: “Cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence and no one can consider themselves safe. Attacks on institutions ....

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An operating and practical guide in English which is an easy-to-consult tool for professionals and operators who interact with the Italian legal system. The labour law theme helps establish cooperation between foreign companies wanting to move to Italy. With a greater knowledge, these companies can overcome some existing national economic system limits.The new handbook Italian ....

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Vittorio De Luca of De Luca & Partners said the Confindustria proposal to allow employers to require the green pass to access workplaces and carry out related activities was “appropriate” to open the health passport debate on the protection of workers’ health and production. However, it will have to overcome some significant critical issues. “How ....

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Smart woking, remote control, redundancies, target work, social shock absorbers. More than ever the world of work is living a moment of deep change and for this reason integrated consulting becomes a real necessity. De Luca & Partners and HR Capital since the beginning have always formed a single team of Labour Lawyers and Labour ....

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