Company trade union representatives

Company trade union representatives

Last update : 19/04/2022
What are the requirements to establish company trade union representatives?

Under art. 19 of Law no. 300/70, it is possible to establish company trade union representatives:

  • within each production unit;
  • on workers’ initiative;
  • within a representative trade union association which is the signatory of collective labour agreements applied in the production unit.
Last update : 19/04/2022
What are the functions of the company trade union representatives (RSA)?

The Workers’ Statute does not determine the company trade union representatives’ functions and tasks. It is common for the law to assign them the role of the company negotiator, for communications and joint examinations, where it is necessary to carry out trade union information and consultation procedures.

Last update : 19/04/2022
What are the rights granted to company trade union representatives?

The Workers’ Statute grants company trade union representatives a series of rights to enable the full exercise of trade union activity in the workplace. These include the right to:

  • posting;
  • call referendums on trade union and labour issues
  • meet
Last update : 19/04/2022
Are there numerical limits on trade union representation members?

Every trade union can freely organise and there are no numerical limits for company trade union representation. When it comes to trade union representation, the number of members is:

  • three in production units with up to 200 employees;
  • three for every 300 (or fraction of 300) employees in production units with up to 3000 employees;
  • three for every 500 (or fraction of 500) employees in production units with more than 3000 employees, in addition to the members previously mentioned.
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