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DO YOU KNOW THAT… starting 10 September, income deriving from remuneration plans based on financial instruments does not count for the purposes of employee severance indemnities, contractual institutions and the calculation of the indemnity in lieu of notice for executives of the Tertiary National Collective Labour Contract?

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07 Oct 2019

On September 10, 2019 Confcommercio and Manageritalia, following the agreement to extend the validity of the National Collective Labour Agreement for the Managers of Tertiary Companies last July 11, signed an Agreement Report regarding welfare and contractual bilateralism. Among the significant changes, it should be noted that, starting 10 September 2019, income deriving from stock option plans or, in any case, from remuneration plans calculated on financial instrumentsis not relevant for the purposes of calculating severance indemnities, direct or indirect contractual institutions and the indemnity in lieu of notice“. This is in order to adapt the processing of the Stock Option to the laws and regulations in force and to further facilitate access to management incentive tools.

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