Coronavirus HR Task Force. We’re on it. Count on us.

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04 Mar 2020

Since the beginning of February, the work of our “Coronavirus HR Task Force”, made up of our close-knit team of lawyers (for employment law, security law and privacy issues) and HR Capital‘s labour consultants, has continued unceasingly.

The complex situations that the context requires companies to deal with mainly concern:

  • Interventions aimed at reducing labour costs (social shock absorbers);
  • Suspension of the deadlines for employer’s obligations and payments;
  • Management of the employment relationship (performance/attendance/absence evaluation);
  • Remote working (e.g.: Smart Working; possible financing);
  • Protection of personal data in times of epidemic (GDPR);
  • Management of the employer’s responsibility for Safety at Work;
  • Compliance with the administrative responsibility of entities (Legislative Decree 231/01).

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