De Luca & Partners is always at the forefront when choosing hardware and software as well as technology and communication media.

We believe that knowledge sharing is a key factor. Combining the experiences of all team members to create a common language structure and a common heritage to draw upon for the benefit of all clients, is nowadays a key factor and for sure a unique element as far as efficiency and success.

A recent innovation was the introduction of a Knowledge Intelligence IT system called KenDL. Thanks to an advanced document management system, as well as to contents that have been developed with a strategic partner, KenDL makes it possible to access in a fast and efficient manner the entire De Luca & Partners knowledge base (consisting in over 200,000 precedents) and to make full use of the best practice that has been established. Via KenDL, all De Luca & Partners professionals have available, at any time, the entire experience the Firm has developed in its 40-year history, thus being able to focus all their energies and attention on creating added value for clients.

The desire to establish a stable and lasting relationship with the clients has encouraged the firm to include within its ICT structure a Customer relationship management (CRM) software, which focuses on the client rather than the product itself within the business, thus allowing the team to manage relations with its clients and thereby creating client’s satisfaction.

Thanks to the most appropriate means of communication and a system of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, De Luca & Partners is able to meet the daily needs of the customer autonomously, independently and timely, and to ensure comprehensive data protection for the IT infrastructure.