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The Italian Data Protection Authority (“Garante”), in its 28 April 2022 injunction of 28 April 2022, imposed on a company in charge of managing the municipal waste collection service for the Municipality of Taranto (the “Municipality”), a € 200,000 fine for having entrusted processing personal data to a sub-processor without having requested and obtained specific ....

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De Luca & Partners signed off on the Italian pages of the Employment & Labour Law guide, 2022 edition published by English publisher Global Legal Insights. The volume gathers information and analysis on employment trends, changes in the legislative framework, relevant rulings, and reforms in progress and under discussion in 18 countries. Aimed at General ....

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Human error is the data controller’s responsibility The Italian Data Protection Authority (“Garante”), in its 28 April 2022 injunction imposed a € 50,000 fine on the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (“INAIL” or the “Institute”) after three computer incidents. These incidents allowed users to access data relating to others.INAIL, in its capacity ....

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Among the Ukraine conflict consequences is the increased cybercrime, especially for the many companies that work with Russia. But cybersecurity is an issue that concerns everyone who exchanges data and information with any electronic device daily. Even before the Ukraine crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic – and the increase in teleworking – it became necessary ....

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For proper whistleblowing management, it is essential to pay due attention to the protection of the personal data processed. In achieving the necessary balance between the whistleblower’s need for confidentiality, the need to ascertain the wrongdoing and the whistleblower’s right to defence and cross-examination, the adoption of appropriate measures to ensure the protection and security ....

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